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All One Communication


All One Communication is a consultancy firm specializing in communication for social and behavior change. Since 2002, we have worked worldwide with UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and national teams to solve communication problems. We specialize in audience research and analysis; communication strategy development; creative campaigns for social media, mass media and interpersonal communication; training of trainers; and policy advocacy. We bring in clear, simple, original conceptual tools such as The Steps of Change, train your team to use them, and work side-by-side with your team on issues such as vaccine acceptance, new vaccine introduction, gender-based violence, child rights, juvenile justice reform, diversity and inclusion, HIV prevention, nutrition, maternal and child health, and other development priorities. With empathy, humor and inclusiveness, we will bring out the best in your team.



Our Commitment

All One Communication will work with your team to build supportive relationships, clarify your action priorities, understand your audiences’ needs, and develop effective communication responses that meet those needs. We will leave skills and tools behind and will provide follow-up for as long as you need.


What We Do

Suppose you’re driving over a mountain, and you find your road blocked by a huge boulder. You can’t get over it or around it, it’s too big and heavy for you to push out of the way, and no piece of equipment big enough to move it can get up there. What will you do? You always could get some dynamite and blow it up, but what would that do to your road? In the end, you will probably get some smaller equipment, maybe some jackhammers, and break it apart. One by one, you can cart the pieces away, until the road is clear.

Social and behavior change problems are the boulders in the road to health and development. We can’t avoid them or ignore them, and no single communication intervention is big enough to blast them apart. But with the right communication tools we can chip away the missing information, factual errors, negative attitudes, outdated norms one by one and clear the path for change.

A good audience analysis, clear communication objectives, fresh concepts, creative messages, right choice of channels, and a solid commitment to audience pre-testing and interactivity – no communication “boulder” can stand up to these for long. These skills can be learned and improved with practice. This is what All One Communication will help your team do.


Audience-Centered Communication Planning is a systematic process of analysis that anchors communication strategies in evidence. 


The Steps of Change is our original conceptual tool for audience research, analysis and planning. The Steps of Change will simplify and clarify your communication goals and objectives by showing how behavior change works.

Targeted Advocacy Planning is All One Communication's tool for developing effective advocacy campaigns, messages and materials.

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