Who We Are & CV

All One Communication is led by Barbara A.K. Franklin, PhD, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and San Diego California, with several support staff and collaboration from trusted colleagues and friends worldwide.

Coming Soon:  A list of colleagues — expert consultants with complementary skills — is currently being developed and will soon be added to this website.

Meet the Founder

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Barbara Franklin was educated at Stanford University (BA), Johns Hopkins SAIS (MA in International Relations) and Tulane University (PhD, focused on Communication for Health and Development, Tulane Center for Latin American Studies.) She has lived in the US, France, Italy, Mexico, Fiji, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. She has worked for over 25 years as a communication specialist and trainer in Asia, the Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa.

From 1998 until 2002,  Dr. Franklin was Senior Project Officer for Communication at Family Health International’s Asia Regional Office. Since 2002, she has consulted worldwide as All One Communication.

Administrative Team

Malia Franklin-Apted & Najat Oudra

Malia Franklin-Apted & Najat Oudra


The All One Communication Administrative Team are consistently working behind the scenes to provide the best support in program development, IT, documentation, and translation.

Why The Name?

When we communicate well, we understand and respect each other. When we understand and respect each other, we broaden and align our perceptions.  When we broaden and align our perceptions, becoming more inclusive, we greatly increase our power to reach common goals.

Our name recognizes the fact that we are fundamentally the same and ultimately united, and we prosper if we remember this in everything we do.

The words of spiritual teacher Stephen Gaskin make me laugh while they remind me every day why I believe communication is crucial to the health of our spaceship, Planet Earth and all of us it carries.  These words are the inspiration for the name of All One Communication.

“I know something. I know we are All One. I know it so well that if I’m falling out of a tree, I remember we’re All One before I hit the ground. I’m not going to forget it; I can’t give it up.”

– Stephen Gaskin, This Season’s People

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