Audience Research & Campaigns

Good audience research and analysis lie at the heart of all effective communication and advocacy campaigns. At All One Communication, we specialize in in-depth audience research, looking closely at the perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, doubts, fears, self-concepts, gaps in knowledge and external barriers that inhibit positive change.  We deal with such psychosocial factors as self-efficacy, locus of control, gender roles and expectations, relationships, environmental factors and positive deviance, and use a wide range of established and innovative audience research methodologies, including focus group discussions, in-depth individual interviews, peer-led research, key informant interviews, and original methods such as Gender Attitude Perception (GAP) analysis. Based on comprehensive research findings and informed by our original conceptual tool, The Steps of Change, we develop classic KAP audience analyses, as well as psychographic segmentations.

All One Communication can design and lead research as principle investigator, train a team of peers as insider researchers, or work with an in-house or an academic or commercial research firm to achieve the insights needed for a campaign for a health or development issue.

All One Communication will work with your team to develop a creative brief or concept note with clear, nuanced communication objectives; develop terms of reference (TORs) for a request for proposals (RFP), set up the bidding process, lead a review of bids from creative agencies, assist with contract design, and support the selected agency from creative design through pre-testing up to production.

As an example of work to which we have contributed, see, a highly innovative campaign by Population Services International (PSI) PASMO, targeting Central American men, based on a psychographic segmentation developed through research into masculine self-concept, led by All One Communication.